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Automated AI-driven Bot for all trading needs launched by Trading Master

Vinod Dhama, Founder, Master Bot

New Delhi [India], November 19: Trading Master has recently announced the launch of Master Bot, an AI-enabled Bot that can automatically help traders solicit Buy & Sell signals across the stock market.

Master Bot is a prudent step towards democratizing financial services and bringing automation and artificial intelligence to help customers maximize their investments. It is designed to give traders an opportunity to gain market knowledge and learn steeply alongside containing the downside risk of price volatility.

The Trading Master platform is a tech-enabled financial service provider that offers numerous cutting-edge trading strategies through an intuitive user interface. Through its proprietary Master Bot, it is set to give beginners get used to the laurels of automated trading.

“Our user-friendly Bot allows users to trade stock automatically. Traders often miss out on market opportunities during rest periods which can result in suboptimal portfolio performance. The Master Bot will help to fill the gap and help users to grow their income,” said Mr. Vinod Dhama, the founder of Master Bot.

Master Bot software is based on proven strategies and algorithms, encompassing moving averages and indices as well other actionable indicators and signals. The Bot automates the buying and selling of stocks when the price reaches a preset level; when the price passes the entry point, it sells, while when it dips lower, it buys.

Automatically buying low and selling higher enables users to leverage price volatility and reap higher benefits without actively managing their positions. In addition, Master Bot allows users to set parameters based on short, long and neutral positions.

In addition, there are a few more benefits, such as:

Emotion-less trading – Trading automation can help traders who are afraid of making mistakes, as well as curb the inclination to overtrade – buying and selling at every opportunity. Since trade orders are executed automatically once the trade rules have been met, traders can’t always question it. It also makes the overall experience relaxed and less stressful, a much-needed respite in today’s world of fast trading.

Backtesting – The Backtesting process help traders evaluate and fine-tune their ideas by accessing their viability with the help of historical data points. The measures include net profit/loss, return, risk-adjusted return, market exposure, and volatility. It gives some confidence in terms of adopting any given approach going forward.

Trading at a faster pace – There is no doubt that Master Bot is much faster and more robust than its peer: leveraging the power of AI enables it to process thousands of calculations and transactions across multiple time zones and markets simultaneously in an instant. It takes just a fraction of a second for trade to be completed – far more quickly than even the fastest trader could accomplish.

Trading Discipline – While speed and agility are core to the idea behind Master Bot, it is not done at the cost of discipline. Consistency and trading discipline have been enforced throughout the transaction cycle, even in volatile markets, by automating the trading process and introducing predefined structural parameters. The pre-established trading rules allow optimizing long-term performance while adjusting short-term costs for discerning traders.

Meanwhile, Stop loss is set to limit the losses or gains in a trade. The master bot automatically executes the buy/sell action when it reaches a preset price limit. It gives relief to the traders and saves them from the necessity of monitoring security on a daily basis.

“The idea behind the Master Bot is not just to help traders maximize their ROI but also to give ample relaxation to them. We want trading to be a fun-filled experience devoid of constant noise and stress. Consequently, a lot of attention has been given to such nuances while designing the product,” added Mr. Vinod Dhama.

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