Piles treatment with Ayurvedic herbs without operation is better: Dr. Harish Verma

New Delhi (India), April 8: Pain or burning in the anus area, bleeding from the anus during bowel movement, itching in the anus, rustling etc. are the main symptoms of piles disease. Most people see some amount of bright red blood on their stools or on their toilet paper. Some patients also complain that at the time of bowel movement, piles of warts come out of the anus and later go inside on their own. In piles disease, the tubes inside and outside the anus swell up and take the form of warts. This disease is often more common in those people who have to exert force while passing stool.

Falling of blood from the anus can also be an indicator of serious illness, like large intestine ulcer, cancer or fistula etc. Ignoring these diseases can be fatal. Dr. Verma told that diagnosis is very important in anal diseases. Many patients complain of an abscess around the anus. Which bursts and fills again and again. This disease can be fistulous. Similarly, many patients complain of a burning sensation in the anus after bowel movement due to constipation; that disease can be an anal fissure.

People who have complaints of constipation. Or eating spicy and spicy things, drinking more alcohol, waking up at night, doing physical labor, sitting for a long time, taking more laxatives, and repeatedly taking laxatives causes piles or piles disease. Women usually develop piles during pregnancy due to the compression of blood vessels by the weight of the child. This information was given by Ayurvedacharya and head of the Canadian College of Ayurveda and Yoga Dr. Harish Verma, in a webinar organized.

For the treatment of pain or burning sensation in the anus area, first of all, constipation should be removed and do not exert force while defecating. To remove constipation, eat green or salad in food or soak two figs in water at night and chew and eat in the morning and drink water from above. Apart from this, dissolve two spoons of isavgol powder in fresh water and consume it before dinner at 5 to 6 pm. The patient of piles should eat well-digestible food without chilli spices and should avoid meat, eggs, fish and alcohol. Do not sit on a hard seat for a long time. Does light exercise and walking also? If the patient complains of a burning sensation in the anus at the time of bowel movement, a sitz bath helps in providing relief. After a bowel movement, sitting in a hot water tub for 15-20 minutes gives instant benefits.

Piles or piles of warts are treated in many ways to remove them, like injection, rubber band ligation, karyo surgery (by gas) or laser etc. But Dr. Harish Verma prepared a formula by mixing two types of herbs like Rasont, Aritha, Jimikand and other herbs in a specific ratio, and this formula is very effective in anal area pain or burning. Dr. Verma has also issued a helpline number, 9910672020, for patients with pain or burning sensation in the anal region, piles or anal fissure.

Dr. Harish Verma told that this formula of Rasaunt, Aritha, Jiminkand and other herbs is given at the same time and is a panacea in eliminating piles or pain in the anal region from the root. Taking it for a few weeks dries up the warts of piles, and abstinence does not cause the disease to recur.

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