“Unlock the Power of Astrology: Guru Ji Dr. Raj Releases New Book Series”

New Delhi (India), April 14: Guru Ji Dr. Raj, a renowned business entrepreneur and expert in occult sciences with 28 years of experience, has recently made headlines for his latest venture. The Indian astrologer and mystic has released the first book in his series of astrology books, titled “Learning Fundamentals of Vedic Astrology.” This book provides a beginner’s guide to astrology and highlights its importance in everyday life. With this release, Guru Ji Dr. Raj aims to make astrology accessible to a wider audience and help people understand its potential to transform their lives.

According to Guru Ji Dr. Raj, the 9 celestial bodies commonly referred to as planets are 9 distinct forms of energy. By studying their movements, one can practice the art of Astrology. He goes on to elaborate that by aligning and harmonizing these energies, one can gain control over various aspects of life such as health, career, wealth, relationships, and more. As an expert Astrologer and lifelong mentor, Guru Ji Dr. Raj is dedicated to using Astrology to help people achieve their full potential.

In today’s world, where new problems and challenges arise every day, it is critical to know how to deal with them. Astrology offers solutions to every problem, including issues with education, marriage, career opportunities, and many others. Guru Ji Dr. Raj encourages his clients to find ways to cope with their problems and emphasizes positive action in the present to avoid future issues. He firmly believes in the concept of Karma, where the present life is influenced by past actions, and putting in positive efforts now can prevent future problems.

Guru Ji Dr. Raj’s knowledge extends beyond Vedic astrology; he is also knowledgeable about Muslim, Western, Chinese, and Vastu Shastra astrology. He explains the secrets of the Vedas and how they relate to astrology. Vedic astrology is highly respected among astrologers due to its greater accuracy. Vedic astrologers use planetary rule periods to provide in-depth forecasts about a person’s life, revealing a lot about the course of that person’s life.

Guru Ji Dr. Raj’s story is one of perseverance and determination. Born in the poor slums of Govind Puri in Delhi, India, he studied at Frank Anthony Public School and graduated from Deshbandhu College with a B.Com (Hons). He started his journey towards his dreams in 1994, starting a small business in event management and studying astrology. His knowledge of astrology helped him predict the future and align energies to achieve his goals, and he eventually became a millionaire with multiple degrees, including an MBA (Banking and Finance), LLB, Higher Diploma in Marketing, Singapore Chartered Accountant (SCA), and Ph.D.

Guru Ji Dr. Raj, a renowned astrologer with a Singaporean base, humbly refers to himself as a perpetual student of astrology. He promotes astrology for all and imparts knowledge based on the principles of pure Vedic science, with the sole aim of serving humanity.

Singapore-based astrologer Guru Ji Dr. Raj has made a significant impact on people’s lives across the world with his speeches and seminars. He believes in giving back to the community, which led to his association with various charitable causes worldwide. In 2015, he founded an NGO called Raj Guru Foundation to support charitable causes.

The first book in Guru Ji Dr. Raj’s series, “Learning Fundamentals of Vedic Astrology,” is an excellent starting point for anyone looking to learn about astrology and its significance in daily routines. The upcoming books in the series will focus on identifying symptoms and remedies for balancing energies to achieve a better life. Guru Ji Dr. Raj’s teachings are based on pure Vedic science to help humanity, and he continues to be a follower of astrology for all.

Guru Ji Dr. Raj’s expertise in astrology and his journey of aligning energies to achieve his goals make him a true inspiration. His first book in the series is an excellent resource for anyone looking to learn about astrology and its significance in daily routines. His teachings, based on pure Vedic science, can help people cope with problems and achieve their best selves.

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