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DJ Megha Kawale mesmerizes audiences with her commercial house music at Koi Bar and Koishii, St. Regis in Mumbai

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], April 19: If you and your party-loving pals are searching for a place to hang out with fast-paced, drum and hi-hat-riddled genre in Mumbai, then you have to catch up with Megha Kawale, India’s first DJ queen at Koi Bar and Koishii at St. Regis, Phoneix Palladium. Megha will be spinning catchy and funky commercial house music, guaranteeing a good time for the cream de la cream.

Megha Kawale’s mesmerizing live DJ sets have made her name synonymous with Koi Bar and Koishii “s vibe, where most guests are a globe-trotting lot. 

DJ Megha Kawale is a well-known figure in the electronic Dance music scene, performing in front of massive audiences at some of India’s and the world’s most prestigious events. The current music scene has opened many doors for its artists. The popularity of disc jockeys has increased rapidly over the past few decades due to the various musical platforms on the internet. The demand for them has skyrocketed due to the proliferation of parties and other events worldwide. 

Since then, the music industry has boomed, and with it, the careers of these music industry experts. DJ Megha, who is also passionate about  EDM music, agrees that experts in her field have been getting exciting opportunities to experiment with different sounds and crowds, whether it is performing at any curated event or remixing a  track, or just dropping some wicked tunes, DJs have been making a killing like none other, and she is happy that she has chosen this career.

Megha is in high demand both as a DJ and a Rehab Pilates instructor. Pilates is a scientific form of exercise that emphasizes core muscle strength through proper balance and coordination. This study of the mind-body relationship is the key to successful weight loss, muscle building, and pain relief. 

“Both music and pilates make me happy; the former helps me relax, and the latter keeps me focused and in shape. Being happy is what life is all about. During the day, I find therapy in Pilates; at night, I find it in DJing. Megha Kawale, winner of the “Vogue Award for Fitness Expert” in 2020 and the “The Best Female DJ” WOW award in 2018, believes that music and movement should be the guiding principles of everyone’s lives. She feels blessed as she has two cool careers and it never feels like work!

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