Meet Nitin Kumar Allagadda – The Creater Behind The Legendary Show “Vihari The Traveller”

Nitin Kumar Allagadda, the force behind the awe-inspiring traveling show, “Vihari The Traveller,” is a man worth acknowledging. A hardworking and passionate person welded with big dreams and a strong vision, he is the Creater behind this successful and thriving show, which has garnered immense acclaim nationwide.

Nitin Kumar Allagadda is a name that resonates with passion, creativity, and innovation. Known for his innovative and path-breaking show “Vihari The Traveller,” Nitin Kumar Allagadda is the Director and the Producer of the show. There is more to his exceptional direction and production skills than what meets the eye through the lens of “Vihari The Traveller” show. The man behind all the magic has embarked on a mission to deliver quality entertainment, especially to the Tamil, Oriya, and USA markets.

His show, “Vihari The Traveller,” is a Telugu TV show based solely on travel and tourism. The show has been telecasting on MAA TV for over 16 years now. Since its launch, the show has been breaking entertainment industry records one step at a time. Keeping other language audiences in mind, the TV show aired in Tamil, Oriya, and USA Markets through “Star Maa” and “Disney Hotstar” platforms.

Nitin Kumar Allagadda’s direction and production has what made millions of viewers relish and wait for the next telecast all the more apprehensive. Viewers love the informative content on the show as well as its out-of-the-box creativity that broke travel series norms, making the show stand unique on its own.

With a visionary spirit and boundless imagination, Nitin has crafted a world that ignites the senses and fuels the soul. He is the man who dares to show us the world through his eyes. He is too good at making us believe that now is undoubtedly the time to see the world through his eyes.

Nitin Kumar is an MBA from CBIT. Instead of going on the already-made path followed by others, he saw the world differently and led on his paved path. After months of research, planning, and efforts, he started his own company, Tripadaya Innovations, and Marketing (P) Ltd. TIM GLOBAL.

Today, his company, Tripadaya Innovative and Marketing (P) Ltd. TIM GLOBAL, is a leading company in Tourism, Impex, and Media categories. He always had that wizardry in him, which later helped him convert his dreams into reality and took him and his viewers on a breathtaking journey to some of the earth’s most mesmerizing and awestruck places.

Holding an unbeatable record of sixteen-plus years, his show “Vihari The Traveller” has etched the mind of his audience like no other. With ideas bigger than life and a passion for adventure, Nitin infused dreams and visions to create a world beyond the wildest imaginations indeed.

Over the years, Nitin’s creative genius has won the hearts of countless viewers. His viewers have, time and time again, exaggerated the nomadic thrill and sparks of joy the travel show brings to their dull lives. We are sure he has a long way to go from here.

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