Weaving Dreams into Reality: Entrepreneur Anusha Nawalgaria’s Journey to Success

Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh) [India],April 4: With a vision and an undying urge to build a bridge between craft clusters and couture, steps in Anusha Nawalgaria, a young and dynamic individual who believes that society can benefit through the revival of craft. Her journey of breathing new life into Albeli Exports began after she graduated from the renowned Nift Delhi. Albeli Exports launched a quarter of a century ago and powered by Anusha’s passion stands at a global level, drawing new design contours for the country and reshaping the way manufacturers work. 

With the ever-evolving digital realm, Anusha found it key to introduce Albeli as a deeply rooted soul that weaves a new fantasy of whimsy. She revolutionized the way Banarasi sarees are marketed and sold. Her research of the market and craft clusters revealed an infiltration. She discovered that there was no way that these small and medium-scale designers could directly connect or even find these weavers in the lanes of Banaras. Through her new methods, she decided to modify this value chain and create clusters of weavers selling directly to designers. From mere trading to designing pieces of high personal quality, the designers could now directly guide and collaborate with the artisans. Each person in this chain understood the importance of authenticity and developed their unique collection with Albeli Exports even whilst sitting in a different country. 

The next step up for Anusha, was to climb the digital ladder by capturing the attention of millions, catapulting Albeli Exports to the forefront of the industry. Through captivating and educational content, she brought together designers who shared a common sense of purpose. “We saw an untapped opportunity in the online space. By leveraging social media and a strong educational website, we’ve been able to connect directly with customers and brands worldwide, transcending geographical boundaries and traditional distribution channels,” said Anusha.

The heart of Albeli Exports, lies in the intricate craft of the Real Zari technique that Anusha aims to revive as these truly are the most recognised collectibles from Banaras. She consistently uplifts artisans and weavers, ensuring their unique talents are recognized and celebrated.

Her vision shaped her brand, crafting sarees with unique details that distinguish them from the conventional staples in a woman’s closet. Fabrics that were once confined to traditional attire, now find themselves embraced in fusion wear and interior design. 

Albeli Exports’ fabrics are now a secret ingredient for designers who utilize them to create bespoke homes, blending heritage with contemporary aesthetics, and showcasing the versatility of Banaras handloom fabrics on a global scale. With these meaningful collaborations, Anusha made sure that Albeli not only expanded the reach of these fabrics but also redefined its target market, primarily focusing on exporting to key nations worldwide. 

Anusha’s approach is as multifaceted as the fabrics she creates. Her journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of passion, the originality in her approach, commitment to craft, and a stubborn dedication to her vision.

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