Breaking the Taboo around Menstruation and Mental Health Dr. Shweta Shah

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], April 16: In many societies, discussions about the impact of the menstrual cycle on mental health are often met with discomfort or silence, despite it being a natural part of women’s lives. However, recognizing the profound connection between menstruation and mental well-being is essential for promoting overall health.

Dr. Shweta Shah Director and founder of the TVAMEVA Gynecology Centre in Andheri West in Mumbai, is a leading figure in women’s health. Distinguished by her vast expertise spanning over a decade, Dr. Shweta Shah is one of Andheri’s top obstetricians and gynecologists. With a focus on high-risk pregnancies, fertility therapies, and cutting-edge surgical procedures, she offers complete care that is customized to fit every patient’s particular requirements. Patients feel respected and understood in a caring atmosphere created by Dr. Shah’s multilingualism and kind manner. 

Dr. Shweta Shah, the renowned gynecologist in Andheri West, aptly highlights that mood swings, worry, and irritability might be caused by hormonal changes brought on by the menstrual cycle. Unfortunately, the stigma associated with menstruation may further aggravate these issues by instilling emotions of shame or embarrassment, which can harm mental health. 

“As a gynecologist, I stress that mental wellness is just as essential as physical health,” says Dr. Shweta Shah, “Seeking help from healthcare providers is critical for dealing with these challenges. Furthermore, practicing self-care, leading a healthy lifestyle, and developing coping techniques that work for each individual can all help to improve mental health during menstruation.”

It is often seen that as women age, the focus shifts to addressing age-related issues such as osteoporosis, pelvic floor abnormalities, and menopausal symptoms. Older women often feel embarrassed or stigmatized, making them hesitant to discuss their health concerns. Therefore, creating a safe and supportive environment is crucial for encouraging open dialogue and providing appropriate care.

Dr. Shweta Shah vividly recalls her treatment of Kajal, a 27-year-old professional woman whose case exemplifies societal attitudes toward menstrual health and overall well-being. Kajal’s struggle with severe menstrual bleeding was compounded by the lack of support or understanding from those around her. As she grappled with her symptoms in silence, she began to withdraw from social interactions, feeling increasingly isolated. Adding to her distress, she faced pressure from her family to marry, further adding to her stress. Fortunately, Kajal’s aunt recognized her struggles and referred her to Dr. Shweta Shah, a respected gynecologist based in Andheri.

Following standard procedure at TVAMEVA Gynecology Centre in Andheri West, tests and sonography were conducted to identify the issue, which resulted in a diagnosis of uterine fibroids. This diagnosis elicited both relief and anxiety in Kajal regarding the impact on her health and fertility.

Treatment options, including medication and surgery, were discussed with the patient and her family. Dr. Shweta Shah suggested uterine fibroid embolization (UFE), a minimally invasive technique that shrinks fibroids by limiting their blood supply, hence reducing discomfort.

The UFE surgery was effective, considerably alleviating the patient’s discomfort. Previously terrible bleeding and pelvic pain were much lowered, allowing her to resume normal activities and feel more optimistic about her future fertility.
Following the treatment, Kajal frequently received check-ups with Dr. Shweta Shah to monitor her condition and prevent recurrences. She also embraced a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet and regular exercise, to improve her general health. 

To combat this stigma and support persons experiencing mental health issues due to the menstrual cycle. Ms. Vishaka Goyal, co-founder of ClinicSpots states,” Dr. Shweta Shah is one of the leading Gynecologists in Mumbai and she promotes awareness and open conversations about Issues related to the menstruation cycle.” 

The primary objective of a gynecologist is to enhance women’s health and well-being throughout their lives is what Dr Shweta Shah believes. She further says,” Educating individuals about reproductive health, spanning from puberty to menopause, is a key aspect of my practice.”

Dr Shweta Shah can be contacted at: 

TVAMEVA Gynecology Centre, 2ND Floor, B/17, MEGHA CHS, KAMAL KUNJ, ANDHERI WEST, MUMBAI 400058

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The menstrual cycle has a tremendous impact on women’s physical and mental well-being. Understanding these consequences is critical for improving one’s overall health and quality of life. By tackling the stigma around menstruation and mental health, we may create a more inclusive and caring atmosphere.

Dr. Shweta Shah is committed to providing personalized and cost-effective care, acting as your valued partner in achieving optimal health and wellness.

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