Radha’s by Vandana, Customising Handlooms and Styling India with Conscious and Sustainable Fashion

New Delhi (India), April 16: India is known for its rich culture, diverse textile history, and resources for craftsmanship. Amidst a sea of fashion brands promoting fast fashion, one brand stands out for its commitment to sustainability and supporting indigenous artisans— Radha’s by Vandana

Her friends and families often appreciated Vandana’s positive outlook and sense of styling. The idea of pursuing her passion and establishing a clothing brand hit her the day Vandana’s daughter was born. Named after her daughter, Radha, the visionary entrepreneur went on to launch their sustainable clothing company six years back.

Before navigating into handloom, Vandana had a well-paid and settled job as a corporate HR, travelling throughout Europe and the USA. She left her corporate job and embarked on a new venture to promote handloom and produce comfort clothing. Soon, the brand emerged as synonymous with conscious fashion.

Last year, her business underwent a significant change, but Vandana returned stronger. Her passion for handloom and incessant hard work propelled her to reach a broader client base. As she continued to run her startup by herself, she kept employing strategic business moves to stay at the top of her game in the sustainable clothing industry. 

Still in its primal stage, the startup testifies to her commitment to creating a better and more environmentally friendly world for future generations. 

Initially, the visionary founder focused on sourcing pure and organic handloom fabrics directly from indigenous artisans. Over time, the founder shifted her gaze to customising organic fabric and using sustainable approaches to style clients. 

It was her father, owning an experience worth 50 years in the textile industry, who enriched Vandana. Her extensive knowledge of fabric, handlooms, and traditional craftsmanship was passed down to her by her father.

Throughout her transformative journey, the brand evolved as a driving agent, linking India to its indigenous culture. 

On recognising the diverse cultural significance of Indian handlooms, Vandana emphatically pronounces her mission,” I endeavour to connect India to its roots through Indian handloom.” 

Radha’s by Vandana stands at the forefront of conscious fashion as the brand actively involves artisans in the design process. Collaborating with artisans from varied states like West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh (Chanderi), and Gujrat (Ajrak), the brand owner ensures their livelihoods are sustained even during challenging times like the COVID-19 pandemic.

The brand’s focus on eco-friendliness is evident in its choice of materials and production methods. From using handloom fabrics to natural vegetable dyes, she avoids chemical dyes and promotes sustainable clothing without compromising quality and style.

Out of a diverse array of offerings, Radha’s is known for its two unique products—- Jamdani and Shibori. Jamdani is a luxury and premium handloom weave, while Shibori is a hand tie and dye product. The proprietor believes these fabrics are pivotal in showcasing the beauty of Indian handlooms.

Furthermore, Vandana is known for creating long-lasting and evergreen looks. Her collections are always on demand, making Radha’s an all-time favourite among handloom hoarders.

At Radha’s, the custom-made free-size clothing became synonymous with elegance and beauty among women. Many clients have thanked Vandana for how her easy silhouettes helped them regain confidence.

With each sale, this emerging startup takes a firmer step towards sustainability, tradition, and empowerment. Over time, Radha’s by Vandana has reached a broader audience base via social media. With plans to expand and introduce varied clothing lines, Vandana assures the brand will continue to stay true to its core values and positively impact society with environment-friendly clothing.

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