Exploring Andrology and Urology for Optimal Health

Andrology is a medical speciality that deals with the anatomy, functions, and disorders (such as infertility or impotence) of the male reproductive system and the urological problems specific to men.

Vascular Dopplers in Andrology

Vascular Doppler is a valuable tool for diagnosing and evaluating various male infertility issues related to blood flow problems. Dopplers can be used in the assessment of various male infertility problems such as Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Penile Trauma, Priapism, and Varicocele. In all these conditions, Dopplers are used to assess arterial/venous blood flow levels and patterns to identify the areas of concern and then devise the treatment as required. Dopplers are also useful in evaluating treatment outcomes through blood flow studies.

Vascular Dopplers from Kody Medical Electronics 

Kody Medical Electronics supplies two instruments, ES-100VX Mini Doppler and Smartdop 45, with extensive application in andrology. 

ES-100VX Mini Doppler is a cost-effective hand-held pocket Doppler with an integrated speaker for optimal sound sensitivity. Smartdop 45 is a hand-held bidirectional vascular Doppler with a computer interface. It is a fully customisable system with the flexibility to choose only those options & accessories that meet your specific requirements. 

Kodys also provides NRP 10MHz/20MHz and VRP 10MHz surgical probes that are compatible with both the above Hadeco bidirectional Dopplers.

Applications in Andrology

Penile Study/Urology

Kodys Vascular Dopplers are used to observe and assess blood flow in the cavernosal artery before and after the erectile phase in the penis for identifying sexual dysfunction. A flow velocity of less than 30 cm/sec indicates the possibility of a condition related to sexual dysfunction.

Varicocelectomy (Uro/Andro surgery):

Vascular Dopplers are useful in microscopic subinguinal varicocelectomy procedures. They play a significant role in precisely identifying and preserving the testicular artery while performing the procedure. 

Forthcoming Conference on Andrology

Kody Medical Electronics will be participating in the ANDROCON 2024 (2nd Annual Conference of the Urological Society of India) in Mayfair Tea Resort, Siliguri, West Bengal on the 7th and 8th of June. Our stall will have on display our vascular Dopplers, surgical probes, automatic ABI, TBI, and PVR testing systems, diabetic neuropathy, diabetic retinopathy and diabetic foot care equipment, and a host of other instruments for the complete care of patients with diabetes. Kodys will offer a discount on Vascular Dopplers used in Andro/Uro surgery and Urology. 

Visit our stall to get firsthand information on our exciting range of equipment and avail the best prices!

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