Sabita Mahabier, Proud Finalist in Season 13 of Haut Monde Mrs. India WorldWide 2024, representing the Netherlands as a dynamic Role Model and source of empowerment and social impact

New Delhi (India), April 19: Sabita is also a Fashion Model, Entrepreneur & CEO of the Organization Lotus Group Worldwide B.V. and Holiday Resort Singhs’ palace villa apartments Suriname. Together with her better half she runs business in Entrepreneurship and other companies as Transport Trade and Import-Export Trade.

Sabita is 52 years old, born and raised in Suriname, South America and immigrated to the Netherlands since she was 20. She comes from a family of 7 Daughters and is the 4th generation of the Indian Immigrants who came to Suriname in 1873 to 1916 to work as contract workers in Suriname.


With her pride of Indian roots, Sabita will represent together 3 countries in this Beauty Pageant: India, Suriname and the Netherlands. The Haut Monde Mrs. India WorldWide, which is original based in India, is 1 of the greatest platform & the best International Beauty Pageant Organisation, especially for Indian married women all over the World which makes it so unique, wonderful & successful. It’s not just about the Beauty only but also the Brains & Business capabilities and qualities, irrespective of age and stature.

After more than a decade of leading the event across the World and crowning Indian Women in countries like Greece, UAE, (Dubai) Myanmar, Vietnam, etc., Haut Monde, Mrs. India Worldwide has been crowned as the best Beauty Pageant Organizer at an Event in Mumbai 2019. They received many achievements for their wonderful Beauty Pageant Organisation. Mrs. India WorldWide has also represented India at the Thessaloniki International Film Festival – 2019 held in Greece.

The Organization has also been recognized and appreciated by some world’s famous names from the Bollywood Industry that associated in Beauty Pageants. Some notable important names are: Hema Malini, Rahul Roy, Soha Ali Khan and Zeenat Aman. It has been organized by it’s Headquarter’s Company Shri Sai Entertainment Pvt since 2011 led by:  Mr. Bharat Brahmar, CEO and Founder of Haut Monde Mrs. India Worldwide.

Besides her busy Business & Entrepreneurship Sabita’s biggest hobby and passion has always been Fashion. Her Beauty Pageant adventures started at the age of 16 when she participated in a Fashion Show as a Model and then walked for a few Fashion Shows & Brands in Suriname.

She won her first 1st Runner Up Title at the age of 16 during a Miss Pageant. Due to her busy Private & Business life she stopped her Beauty Pageant activities for a while, but she continues regular fashion modeling in between her free time. After her 50th Birthday, she again participated in an International Beauty Pageant when she was approached several times by interesting offers.

She was inspired by very special motivations & positivity. Last year Sabita became 1st Runner Up at an International Beauty Pageant in Kuala Lumpur/ Malaysia and won several beautiful titles. Sabita also proudly announces that last year her 25-year-old Daughter was also crowned for an International Beauty Pageant as the Winner.

Her daughter won also many beautiful Titles.

Sabita has also a very great & important Social Quality Mindset since her young age. She’s very active, committed and driven in CHARITY and by helping, supporting & caring for the less fortunate social community and people in need, especially for Children and Elderly. 

She inherited her social character from her role model late Father, Mr. Ramlal Ramdas Mahabier who was a very important person her life, who learned & taught her everything about norms, values and good upbringing education, who was always ready to help and support others in need. Her father was widely known as a remarkable and merciful person in life with a golden heart and left his social mark in the community as a Member of the National Assembly of the Parliament of Suriname.

Sabita has always been inspired by all this wonderful vibes, characters & qualities of her late Father and still fulfills her role with Social goals & Charity activities by Organizing several projects to support aid and help the Social Group Society of those in need.

Through her Organisation, she donates often food packages, clothing items, school packages, school furniture, medical supplies and many more supplies and materials to those in need, to agencies, retirement homes, orphans children schools, hospitals, etc. With this honorable participation in the 13th Season of Haut Monde Mrs. India WorldWide, Sabita is the one & only Indian-Surinamese – Dutch Contestant of the 4th generation of her native country Suriname.

Sabita would like to make her contribution in the Community & World by continuing to inspire and motivate others, to make a positive difference & change and to make the world a better place for everyone to live satisfied & happy, to respect & empower each other, to appreciate and honor the small things in life and to be grateful for everything you got or achieve in life. To make more aware of social assistance because there is a huge need in the World to continue, to provide and to contribute for helping & supporting in several ways.

Sabita not only stands for successfully realising her ambitions and passions in Social Awareness & for a positive mindset in the World, but also to fulfill an unforgettable experience in Haut Monde Mrs. India WorldWide by continuing to motivate & inspire all Women to participate in such an exciting adventure & to experience successfully & fulfill socially achievements.

To strive for goals with a growing progress by blossoming, shining and developing. To carry out meaningful and productive activities for the community, the country, all the lovely people, our wonderful World and our Planet. Keep supporting each other and stay positive no matter how hard or difficult life can be. Fall and rise up!!!







With Love & Blessings From: Sabita Mahabier Sewbaransingh, Proud Finalist Of Haut Monde Mrs. India Worldwide 2024.

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